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Bakar is one of the oldest towns on the Northern Adriatic with a long and rich history. Bakar, the ancient town and port, a place where the Mediterranean Sea penetrated most deeply into the European land, looks like a pearl clasped by arms of the deep bay, 4.5 km long, 600 to 700 m wide and 40 m deep. The town is built in an amphitheatric form on a hill. In 1968 its old city centre was proclaimed monument of culture. The area of the town of Bakar was inhabited as early as in the 3rd and the 2nd millennium before Christ. The Roman Empire and Croatian noble families of Frangipanes and Zrinski left profound imprints. In 1779 the empress Maria Theresa awarded Bakar the status of a free town. It is important to note that the representatives of the Town of Bakar were among those who supported the famous Vinodol Code from 1288 where the name of Bakar was mentioned for the first time. A rich history has left an important cultural heritage which is reflected in the Bakar Citadel, Castle of Hreljin, St. Andrew’s Church, the third largest in Croatia, Roman and Turkish houses, Bakar ‘s drystone walls and many other cultural and historical sights and peculiarities.  


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"The town consists of the wonderful old town, which rises steeply along

the slopes beside a Frankopan castle (16th century), and of a more

modern part of the town situated along the coast. Bakar was once an

important trade port, and a fishing, winegrowing, shipbuilding and

maritime centre. A maritime school was opened there long ago in 1849,

graduating many sailors. In the high standards of that in the

surrounding area. In its more recent past, it was a centre for tuna fishing

in the northern Adriatic and the town receives many foreign visitors.


The Margaretina Summer offers a cultural art programme (concerts,

Chakavian dialect evenings) as well as the chance to see the art creations

of "Mare croaticum" /27-31 June)."


- Doris Markovic, CRO -



"A picturesque vineyard where grapes are grown for the famous
Bakarska vodica champagne, its proximity to Risnjak National Park,
Lokve, Crni Lug, Delnice as well as the ski centres Platak and Bjelolasica
make Bakar an increasnigly visited tourist destination!"

- Toni Mataija, CRO -

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